The Drum Recommends: Commended - Golley Slater Group - A refined approach to integrated, responsive marketing

Golley Slater Group take a refined approach to integrated, responsive marketing

The Drum Recommends: Commended is highlighting Golley Slater Group who were recruited by Audley Villages to deliver sales-ready customers to their village locations across the UK.

In this series, we explore the finest work created by The Drum Recommended agencies. We will highlight top case studies to guide and inspire you in your journey to select a new agency relationship.

Last year the Recommended Agency Register (RAR) was rebranded as The Drum Recommends to bring it in line with owner The Drum. It remains committed to partnering brands with the correct agency using data and unique industry expertise.


Luxury retirement brand, Audley Villages, recruited Golley Slater to deliver sales-ready customers to their village locations across the UK. Their customers are making life-changing decisions that will take them on a journey of questions, barriers and doubts, long before they even set foot in an Audley Village.

Our task was to make that journey easy, instill trust and deliver high expectations of Audley Villages, across all channels.


We adopted a village-by-village approach to planning and delivering customers, with each region being given its own unique targeting model.

Using these models, we ‘layered’ our multi-channel consumer campaigns, starting with one channel and applying a test and learn strategy, before adding in the next layer. Channels include social media, email, direct mail and door drop, with the Audley Villages website at the hub of all activity.


Currently all targets have been exceeded for enquiries, website visits and appointments. Highlights include 20% increase in quality customers through the doors and 200% increase in website visitors and brochure requests.

For more information on Golley Slater Group visit their profile on The Drum recommeneds.

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