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The Drum

The Future of Work at The Drum Arms

The Future of Work at The Drum Arms

What will the future of work look like? What changes are in store? Perhaps it’s even flexibility which has become more commonplace and acceptable, what with advancements in technology making it much easier for employees to work remotely and stay connected with their team.

The Drum Arms in London and Publicis will delve into the changes that are in store for the workplace of the future.

A panel including; Ash Tailor, global category director, Britvic and Sue Frogley, chief executive officer at Publicis Media, with more panelists to be announced, will dig deep into what it really means to be ‘flexible’, what experiments are working and how companies can incentivise employees to stay on and do great work and produce even more engaging creative.

The research is there for the industry to pick a part. The Danish are striving, and the Swedish are thriving. How can we let go of the rigour of the structured work day in Britain for good?

Frogley said: “Leaders of today must let go of the outdated working structures of the past and more quickly embrace the future if they want to thrive in tomorrow’s world. I am convinced working more flexibly will help all businesses attract and retain the right people, lead to happier healthier employees, promote greater diversity and overall business success.

“If you’re still in any doubt, just ask yourself how many genuinely great ideas you have had while chained to your desk?”

The Future of Work will take place at The Queen’s Head on Thursday 21 March at 2pm, so come along after a brain overloaded Advertising Week for a few drinks and an intimate discussion on the future of the work.

If you have any questions about this event, please contact or register here.