Write a will to avoid drama at funerals, Foxwood tells Singaporeans

To get Singaporeans to start thinking about the traditionally taboo subject of writing a will, Foxwood Wills Services released a film to show the chaos that ensues at a man’s funeral when he does not write a legally-binding will.

The film, created by Singapore-based independent shop Breed, shows various family members at a funeral: son versus uncle, brother versus sister, wife versus unidentified woman punching, kicking and hammering each other in balletic, slow motion.

A soothing operatic track accompanies all this chaos. Towards the end, two horrified relatives witnessing all this decide to astutely avoid the drama by writing their wills quickly online with Foxwood Wills Services.

“Legal services have a reputation for being complex and unapproachable. Through the Foxwood companies, we want to bring legal services to everyday people simply and easily,” said Joshua Tan, the head of client solutions at Foxwood.

“We thought the best way to do that for our wills service was with an entertaining campaign.”

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