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Creativity: how collaborating can help us change the world

Join us at Accenture Interactive's Cantina at SXSW to discuss the power of creativity

Can creativity change the world? The Drum and Accenture Interactive will bare all, delving deep into the evolution of the creative industry through technology and the various ways they are practicing what they preach.

The Drum has got together creative brains from Accenture Interactive’s Creative Council to talk creative experiences and the power of good ideas. The stellar panel will include Eco Moliterno, chief creative officer, Accenture Interactive; Jon Wilkins, chairman of Karmarama; Justin Drape, co-founder and chief creative officer of The Monkey’s and Roald van Wlk, chief creative officer, MXM.

Moliterno believes that this rare combination of talent – which includes a wide range of backgrounds from brand and advertising, to digital and UX/HX, design, artificial intelligence to CGI - is vital to the industry because client problems are becoming more and more complex. He said: “we need more talented people with different background working together to solve them.”

Wilkins added: “To build creative experiences requires a deeper range of skills than ever before, and new ways of working that require a lot more collaboration and process to build. Great creative brains always think in a broad way, but ideating, developing and delivering end to end experience requires a new-found breadth of expertise.”

The power and simplicity of generating good ideas is more important than ever, Van Wyk affirms. “We have more tools, technology and buzzwords available today to measure, map, analyze – but we still don’t have a tool that looks at a blank page and thinks of something great.

“Ideas don’t come from manuals or excel sheets. They come from putting an interesting mix of creative people together from diverse backgrounds to figure out a solution that hopefully results in “happy accidents” that can change everything.”

Creative thinkers and innovative thinkers are the competive advantage for companies and brands in this era, claims Drape. “The smartest company leaders already know this.”

Wilkins believes that creativity drives change, change drives progress. “When companies talk about top-line growth they have to do something different, invent a new product or service, sharpen up their brand or their messaging, drive new ways to distribute their products, find new channels to get people to trial or consider them. Top line growth requires innovation, creativity is the key to unlocking this.”

The session will cover how creativity can change the world through marketing and make a difference in the future, how the workflow of your creative departments will evolve with the aid of technology, what won’t change within the creative process, how data can fit into the creative process making the work stronger, where to disagree with data and how to support and scrutinize the human experience.

Make sure you come along to Accenture Interactive Cantina for some tacos and other tasty bites, opposite Austin’s Convention Centre on Monday March 11 at 12pm, and see in real time how creativity can change the world. The panel will be chaired by The Drum editor, Stephan Lepitak.