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Bank tellers rob customers in quirky campaign for Axos Bank


By Kyle O'Brien, Creative Works Editor

March 5, 2019 | 3 min read

Some banks take money from customers at every opportunity, between ATM charges and hidden monthly maintenance fees. If a bank implements high or hidden fees, those customers can feel like they’re being robbed every month.

Axos Bank

Axos Bank's 'Don't Get Robbed by Your Bank' campaign

The newest work from Axos Bank takes the concept quite literally, with bank employees wearing ski masks and robbing the customers .

The quirky campaign, titled ‘Banker Robbers,’ starts as a classic movie-style bank heist, except the thieves are the bank employees and the victims are the customers. The tellers throw on masks, hop over the counters and run through the lobby, snatching money from customers’ hands, all while maintaining the artificial politeness one might find in an average bank branch.

The campaign introduces Axos as a bank designed to put its clients first and leverages the fact that consumers are increasingly distrusting of the industry that often ‘robs’ them by hiding fees in the fine print.

Other spots in the campaign, created by Cutwater and directed by Hungry Man’s Craig Brownrigg, also feature the robbing theme. One has a confused customer describing her banker to a police sketch artist, complete with a nametag. Another features an awkward conversation between a larcenous, yet familiar and polite, teller and an unsuspecting customer, while a different angle shows the robbery from the point-of-view of the bank security cameras.

Through the creative, Cutwater and Axos aim to engage people who want a bank that’s honest, hassle free and gives them the tools to be entrepreneurial – all of which the campaign claims Axos delivers.

In addition to the video spots, the campaign also includes ‘wanted’ posters that will be distributed across social platforms, as well as native placements featuring the (fake) security camera footage of the ‘robbery’ along with a parody news story. Axos Bank is launching the campaign with a media effort in five initial markets (San Diego, Orange County, Austin, Minneapolis/ St. Paul and Kansas City).

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Axos Bank: Don't Get Robbed by Your Bank by Cutwater

By Axos Bank

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