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Ads We Like: Rosapark creates chaotically funny ad for French realtors

Watching a couple on the brink of emotional ruin can either be tragic or, in some cases, tragically funny. French agency Rosapark decided on the latter for its campaign for French real estate advisory network IAD.

The agency went for a War of the Roses approach to dark humor, pitting a man and a woman at odds, neither one budging, yet forced to live in a home together until they can sell their place.

After an initial campaign together last year aimed at expanding the network of advisors, IAD and Rosapark teamed up again to address property sellers, this time by focusing on timing and the importance of having an advisor who is actively involved, especially when things between a divorcing couple can cloud judgement.

For its TV ad, titled 'Avoid the Worst', IAD and Rosapark wanted to highlight the professionalism of the network’s advisors, using a humorous and offbeat tone. The campaign starts with a simple observation: living with an ex can be hell. If the two have to live together while waiting for their house to sell, it’s even worse, and probably best to have an agent who can help them see beyond emotions.

Directed by Victor Saint-Macary, the film features a divorced couple who are going berserk after months of living together. It’s only when they’ve reached the point of no return, dramatized by a very cinematographic sequence – the man is hanging precariously from a light fixture high above the trashed living room as his ex tries to push him off with a potted palm – that they get a call back from their advisor, promising to handle their dossier.

There are numerous examples of couples tearing into each other in the cinematic world – like Roses and Mr. & Mrs. Smith – and this was a chance for Rosapark and IAD to pay homage to the genre through advertising, according to a release.

Fans can also take part in the campaign by tweeting about their worst memories with exes by using the hashtag #LePireQuandTuVisAvecTonEx (#TheWorstWhenYouLiveWithYourEx). IAD will also post short videos of IAD advisors answering the most commonly asked questions.

Since IAD was created in 2008, it has helped more than 180,000 individuals and families sell their homes or find properties.

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