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Morning Recovery establishes parent company to lead 'nascent' hangover cure category

Morning Recovery's branding

As a consumer might expect, the product Morning Recovery is designed to make someone feel better after a night of imbibing and partying. The upstart company behind the product is looking to corner that market, along with other feelgood products moving forward.

A year in, the product team has built a company to help it move beyond one growing and successful product. Morning Recovery started a year ago through an Indiegogo funding campaign that was quickly reached and surpassed. It has now sold more than 1.5m bottles of the elixir, signed brick-and-mortar retail contracts and a closed its Series A fundraising at $8m. So, the company figured it was time to take things to the next level.

The original company (known as 82 Labs) has been rebranded as More Labs, and the product has received a makeover as well. The new product and company are debuting with a broader mission to go along with its new look and site.

The Morning Recovery team, led by ex-Tesla engineer Sisun Lee and his research partners at USC, has set its sights on diversifying and developing more innovative and original solutions, all with the same goal: to combat modern-day stressors, enhance customer productivity and provide a science-backed suite of differentiated products.

More Labs has also hired a chief scientist to extend its approach to areas such as stress, focus, sleep and anxiety.

With the new focus, More Labs is looking to diversify its offerings and enhance existing ones. The company is hoping the new branding and company will help it get there. The team worked with Crème Collective to create the new look and tone.

“They specialized in beauty,” said Cary Lin, Morning Recovery’s head of marketing and brand, noting that it went with Crème because they wanted a different perspective, rather than the usual beverage branders.

Through its research, the makers of Morning Recovery realized their product was appealing to more than just partying college students. It was filled with professionals with children, Gen Xers and millennial professionals.

“The creative behind it was really to figure out our tone. We had never shot with models before,” said Lin, stating that previous marketing efforts had starred their friends.

The new branding, the company hopes, gets its point across with a certain tongue-in-cheek tone that implies a sense of fun as well as trust in the company. The tag for Morning Recovery is as straightforward as it gets – 'For When You Drink'.

Creating More Labs - with its new tag of 'Outsmart Yourself' - was a process of building a parent brand around the success of Morning Recovery. The team needed to capture mindspace and the time of its customers.

While social drinking is about having fun, the team also had to keep in mind that the customers work during the day or are parents who have to wake up the next day and take kids to soccer practice. Lin is hoping the new company and brand will help build that trust and capture mindshare in a market that doesn’t have currently have much of a personality.

“In this space, there is a lot of noise and a lot of hype. We had to find a way to stand out from that. A lot of focus with More Labs was building trust and credibility,” said Lin.

More Labs, as it expands, looks to tackle anxiety, stress and a lack of focus, and give people products that allow for a safe extra boost. The company also wants to create its own category.

“When we started, the idea of a hangover category didn’t exist or was very nascent. Our real competitor is doing nothing – taking aspirin or electrolyte powders is really it. We want to build category that doesn’t exist yet,” said Lin.

More Labs looks to replicate the success of Morning Recovery across multiple unique categories, to build trust and stand out from the noise of other products and brands.

More Labs looks to build its worth in community and social settings. “Our goal is to be top of mind when people are drinking – at bachelor and bachelorette parties, weddings, birthdays … We want people to have fun without having to compromise and wake up feeling crappy."

See the branding by clicking on the Creative Works box below.

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