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Awkward ad for Mandarin Oriental Hotels inspires even more Rami Malek memes

Awkward ad for Mandarin Oriental Hotels inspires even more Rami Malek

Oscar-winning actor Rami Malek has been ridiculed for an awkward appearance in an ad for Mandarin Oriental Hotels - his brief stint describing the rather predictable things that he is a 'fan' of has been turned into a slew of unusual memes.

The Bohemian Rhapsody actor featured in a stunted, down-the-camera video listing things he is a fan of. Directly addressing viewers, he admitted fandom of everything between chamomile tea, classic movies, his mother, and equal opportunity.

As part of the partnership, Malek's endorsement sits on the hotel chain's website. "You just want to come back to a place that has some semblance of tranquility and peace, where you can get rest. I find that at Mandarin Oriental."

Malek, already the source of memes due to his memorable stint in Mr Robot, received some less than kind feedback from fans of the video, as well as new cuts of the spot.

Numerous individuals echoed the following sentiment, that Malek is a living meme.

The Mandarin Oriental site hosts a number of celebs including Stanley Tucci, Christoph Waltz, Helen Mirren, and Dev Patel.

Despite the questionable quality of the endorsement, the hotel chain may benefit from its association with the Oscar winner.

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