By continuing to use The Drum, I accept the use of cookies as per The Drum's privacy policy challenges holidaymakers to embrace their curiosities and get face licked by giraffes is inviting its customers to explore their curiosities in 'Live Curious' campaign.

The campaign wills customers to look beyond generic apartments to unlock a wider world beyond.

To demonstrate the unique places the platform has to offer, has launched an off the wall ad created by adam&eveDDB.

The ad opens with a montage of typical holiday scenes, including a barbecuing sausage, friends enjoying food in a nondescript location and a mother plastering herself with suncream in a family-packed car.

Over the top, the voiceover teases: "At you can find a house, you can find a car. You can even find... a bubble."

The scene then shoots to a couple waking up under the stars, encased in accommodation that's shaped like a bubble.

The ad then unfolds into a series of bizarre scenes - from a tree laden in goats to a face licking Giraffe, the inherent message is to 'Live Curious' and embrace all the experiences that come your way.

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