Carafem runs campaign to remind women of their right to choose to have abortions

Self-described Reproductive health care company Carafem has released an online video and poster campaign in a bid to highlight that women have a legal choice when it comes to having an abortion.

The statement aims to highlight every person’s right to choose, a message that is promoted through a campaign running in high-traffic areas throughout Illinois, Chicago and Washington DC, supported by a video entitled ‘I Choose,’ which the company will promote in its health centres and digital touchpoints.

The billboards relay the message, “I choose if, and when, I'll have children," alongside the tagline, "Abortion. Yeah, we do that,” which is led by "Birth Control. We do that too."

Melissa Grant, the chief operating officer for Carafem, said the campaign was motivated by the worry created by the political climate over making the decision to use birth control or have an abortion.

"This ad campaign intends to reassure [women considering that decision] and remind others that abortion is a legal choice that is best made when a woman has access to accurate medical information and is able to consider all options available to her,” she added.