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Scroll and Mozilla partner to test ad-free consumer experience

By Andrew Blustein | Reporter

February 25, 2019 | 3 min read

News subscription service Scroll is partnering with Mozilla to explore alternative funding models and ad-free, consumer-driven experiences.

Mozilla latest to join Scroll's platform

Mozilla latest to join Scroll's platform

Scroll and Mozilla began talks on a collaboration late last year, as the two were both "wrestling with the common problem of how to build a web that puts users first without compromising on funding the journalism essential to our democracy," according to a blog post from Scroll.

Scroll is looking to shake-up the publishing model by offering an ad-free news subscriptions service at $5 a month.

Earlier this month, Mozilla said that "publishers are getting a raw deal" in today's online advertising ecosystem.

"The technology they depend on to display advertisements also ensures they lose the ability to control who gets their users’ data and who gets to monetize that data. With third-party cookies, users can be tracked from high-value publishers to sites they have never chosen to trust, where they are targeted based on their behavior from those publisher sites. This strips value from publishers and fuels rampant ad fraud," said Mozilla chief operating officer Denelle Dixon.

Internally, Mozilla has deployed an anti-tracking strategy that puts restrictions on third-party cookies. Now, it joins other publishers like USA Today, Buzzfeed and Vox on Scroll's ad-free platform.

Scroll recently acquired news aggregator Nuzzel to help build out its service, which has yet to officially launch to consumers.

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