Holden stages heist in campaign to showcase new models

Five SUVs retrieve a stolen painting in a heist.

Holden has released a Hollywood-style trailer to showcase how its sports utility vehicles (SUVs) meet the different needs of Australian and New Zealand drivers.

In the fast-paced, action-packed campaign video, created by AJF Partnership, five SUVs retrieve a stolen painting in a heist.

The SUVs in the video include the Acadia, a spacious SUV, the Trax a nimble SUV, the Equinox, a SUV known for its power, and the Trailblazer, which can tow three tonnes.

“This is How We SUV’ was an important step in transforming a brand once synonymous only with large passenger cars, to also being a brand of choice for Aussies and Kiwis wanting to buy an SUV,” said Kristian Aquilina, the marketing director at Holden.

“While Holden has a 70-year history in the market, we are a challenger brand in SUVs. We have great products, many of which are entirely new nameplates for our market.”

“Holden is embracing the challenger mindset: offering great vehicles, sharp pricing and award-winning customer service to steal share from SUV segment leaders.”

Adam Francis, the executive creative director at AJF Partnership added: “For the first time in Holden’s history they have a full range of great SUVs. So, the challenge for us was to create a way of showcasing all five of them, in environments and with drivers that suit them, in a very short space of screen time.

“We also wanted to stay clear of all the SUV clichés of campsites and extended families. A ‘Hollywood style heist’ seemed like the perfect vehicle to showcase ‘this is how we SUV’ at Holden.”

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