Ads We Like: Apple Watch wearer takes ‘Flight’ to promote Series 4

A woman runs along a mountain track during a blustery day, gaining speed as she climbs uphill. Suddenly she is swept up to the clouds and manages a series of mid-air acrobatic stunts and dance moves before plunging into a clear blue glacial lake. She emerges unscathed with her Apple Watch Series 4 working perfectly.

Apple UK is debuting its new film for the Series 4, titled ‘Flight’ during the live broadcast of the Brit Awards. The whimsical film, directed by Jonathan Glazer, was made to depict the feeling of freedom users experience with Apple Watch Series 4 with cellular connectivity. In the film, the woman, through her skyward adventure, stays connected in different environments through her watch.

British director Glazer is known for films such as Under the Skin and Sexy Beast. Working with world champion air dancer Inka Tiitto, the duo brought a feeling of freedom and weightless movement to life. The soundtrack is Breathe by Son Lux.

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