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AR brings Maddox Gallery’s floral display to life

Influence Digital's AR filter bring to life Maddox Gallery's floral display.

Maddox Gallery’s first exhibition of 2019 - Love and Other Crimes - has been launched with the help of an augmented reality activation from Influence Digital.

To promote the exhibition, which presents a showcase of nuanced interpretations of love, the gallery’s exterior will be adorned with its biggest flower-patterned presentation, forming a huge heart made up of red and pink roses.

Featuring the work of Bansky, The Connor Brothers, Damien Hirst, Harland Miller, Mr Brainwash, Robert Indiana, Tracey Emin and more, the display was set up to entice passers by into the gallery.

While the gallery’s iconic front flower display – designed by Wild About florists – are very much real, they can also be enhanced through AR.

Users can play with the AR filter on their front Facebook camera to bring the AR Flower Wall to life, interpret the expression of love and create their own art. A QR code will also unlock further features, so that users can distort the flowers and create their own arrangements, which they can then share to their own social communities.

Carlos Rodrigues, general manager at Influence Digital said, “We are delighted to be working with Maddox Gallery. Not only do they work with incredibly talented and inspiring artists, the team understand how digital experiences are transforming the way audiences engage with culture and luxury. We are very excited to be part of their journey.”

For those that can’t make the exhibition in person, they can also experience the flower wall from the comfort of their own home thanks to the selfie filter which superimposes people into the floral facade.

The exhibition and floral display will be on at the Mayfair gallery until February 28. Learn more about how to activate the AR experience here.