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Vauxhall embraces messy reality of parenting in Crossland X campaign

Vauxhall has launched a new campaign poking fun at luxury SUV owners who are so proud of their fancy motors they won't let their kids drag dirt in.

A TV ad for its own Crossland X model shows parents collecting their children after a lively game of rugby, and despairing at the mud they're about to convert into their upholstery.

From covering car seats to giving their child a drenching, the parents are shown going to great lengths to keep their cars clean. But while they appear more invested in their wheels than their real pride and joy, the Vauxhall owner is shown beaming with pride and taking the messy realities of parenting in their stride.

The ad is soundtracked by The London Philharmonic Orchestra and intended to depict how Vauxhall owners "make purchase decisions based on smart choices rather than on social status". It ends on the line: "Less Rah. Get Real".

Created by Velocity, the McCann agency set up to service Vauxhall, the campaign will encompass TV, cinema, radio, out of home and digital advertising.

Paul Dean, managing director of Velocity, said: "Our message reassures our audience that they have their priorities right and continues to build Vauxhall’s Confidently British positioning.”

The TV ad will run across ITV, Channel 4 and Sky including key spots including the 6 Nations, Skyfall and James and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast. The campaign will run again in July 2019.

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