10 questions with... Euan Jarvie, chief executive of Dentsu Aegis Network UK & Ireland

In an attempt to showcase the personalities of the people behind the media and marketing sector, The Drum speaks to individuals who are bringing something a little different to the industry and talks to them about what insights and life experience they can offer the rest of us. This week's 10 Questions are put to Euan Jarvie, chief executive of Dentsu Aegis Network UK & Ireland days after the wider company announced favourable earnings.

What was your first ever job?

A TV buyer at Zenith Media way back when tie-dye was considered the height of cool. It was great to work with some great clients straight away like Mars, Campbell’s, and British Airways.

Which industry buzzword annoys you most?

‘Disruptive transformation’. I find that it’s all too often used by people who have a limited understanding of the reality of businesses, or how to actually talk to clients

Who do you find most interesting to follow on social media?

My daughter. She’s a newly qualified actor just starting out on the journey – it’s great to see such ambition and passion working together in perfect harmony.

Highlight of your career?

Starting and running MediaCom in Edinburgh back in my native Scotland for 12 years. I just loved going through the process of creating something great. The experience was invaluable and opened up a lot of doors.

What piece of tech can you not live without?

My iPhone as it keeps me connected to the really important things in life… family and snow reports.

Who or what did you have posters of on your bedroom wall as a teenager?

Kenny Dalglish and Iron Maiden. A delicate balance between Scottish artistry and the pioneering spirit of new wave 1980s heavy metal.

In advertising, what needs to change soon?

The algorithm needs to be put back in the box, and the ideas of human spirits lead again.

What is (in your opinion) the greatest film/album/book of your life?

The greatest film is ‘Once upon a time in America’, so often undervalued in the list of Robert De Niro’s finest films. Musically, ‘Whole of the Moon’ by Waterboys would be coming with me wherever the desert island. And when it comes to reading ‘Imperfect: An improbable life’ by Jim Abbott is a truly inspiring story – I got more from it then you’d expect from a book about baseball.

Which industry event can you not afford to miss each year and why?

It may seem like the obvious answer but Cannes. It always puts creativity right at the forefront of the agenda and even successfully manages to get media people to actually talk to clients… who knew they could eh?

What's the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Don’t look at your skis (or feet) as you move through the forest or you’ll miss all the good bits – and breathe slowly.

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