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Snapchat and Lego Wear stick together for shoppable AR experience

Snapchat and Lego Wear stick together for shoppable AR experience

Snapchat has teamed up with Lego Wear to offer its members a shopping experience with a difference in the form of a pop-up augmented reality fashion boutique in London.

Shoppers who pop into the Fitzrovia pop-up today will find the spartan store dressed solely with a Snapcode but by whipping out the Snapchat app they will be transported to a virtual Lego store complete with a variety of Kabooki streetwear, a DJ, figurines and even an arcade machine.

Lea Sandell, social media innovation lead at the Lego Group, said: “We’re an innovative, playful brand at heart and part of that is exploring new digital channels and technologies. This was a unique opportunity to collaborate with Kabookion their brand new limited edition product for adults and tap into both the sense of style and the nostalgia of that audience – while exploring that interesting space where the digital and physical worlds merge.”

Lego marketing is being thrust into overdrive ahead of The Lego Movie 2, with ITV reshooting a full ad break using nothing but Lego in one eye-catching stunt.