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Extensions available for The Drum Mobile Awards 2019: Google, IAB UK, Deloitte Digital to judge

Google, IAB UK, Deloitte Digital to judge

There is still time for The Drum Mobile Awards entries to be judged by our panel of industry experts. Extensions are available now.

This year Google, IAB UK, Deloitte Digital, M&C Saatchi, Eurotunnel and Adsquare will grace the judging panel.

James Chandler, chief marketing officer at IAB UK, would like to see beautifully and expertly written entries, something that someone has obviously spent time crafting. He said: “I’d also like to see something smart, if it’s an audio category for example – don’t write 500 words, let me hear them.

“Go beyond the rational, functional results – make me feel something about what you’ve achieved.”

Effectiveness and innovation is what Jae Hopkins, sales and marketing director, Eurotunnel would like to see. Without effectiveness marketers don’t deserve their jobs, she explained, and without innovation they’re going nowhere.

She said: “I’m not interested in whether the budget was big or small; nor whether I’ve ever heard of the brand or agency before. What matters to me is whether their submission makes me wish it were mine.”

Continuing, independent digital consultant, Lucy Cunningham believes that innovation is the key to an award-winning entry. “The mobile industry leads at the forefront of innovation, and entries that have harnessed that both in their strategy but also delivery will do well,” she explained.

A great story with equally great results is exactly what Cunningham would like to see.

“Often, strategy and results don’t seem to pair up, and a clear cohesive story regarding the journey and outcomes is going to stand out. A good way to look at it, is ‘why should someone who isn’t me care?’

“Work out what about your entry is going to excite someone who isn’t you,” she concludes.

The deadline for these awards have passed but you can still enter by applying for an extension, click here for more details.

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