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TAG anti-piracy drive looks to block ad revenue from illicit content

TAG anti-piracy drive to block ad revenue from illicit content

The Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) has today launched a fresh crackdown on piracy in the form of a Europe-wide anti-piracy program designed to block revenues for websites that profit from illegal or stolen content.

Dubbed 'Project Brand Integrity', the initiative will be run by the advertising body and digital advertising insurance provider White Bullet. It will monitor pirate websites across the continent for digital ads representing major brands in order to alert and protect advertisers from inadvertent association with criminal activity.

Advertising on copyright infringing sites will be monitored and documented with any information gleaned shared with either the advertiser or its agency.

Mike Zaneis, chief executive at TAG, commented: “Project Brand Integrity will serve as an early warning system for advertisers and their agencies, so we can alert them when their ads have run near stolen content and help them implement effective safeguards to prevent it from happening again.”

A similar initiative in America is credited with reducing the number of impressions on pirate websites by 90% in two years, including the total elimination of all advertising from premium brands.

Last tear TAG joined forces with its US counterpart, the Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards, to back a single anti ad fraud standard.

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