Scroll acquires Nuzzel, to remove ads from its newsletter

News subscription service Scroll has bought Nuzzel, a startup news aggregator.

Scroll chief executive officer Tony Haile said the acquisition will see two changes to Nuzzel: There will be no ads from its newsletters as "Scroll is not in the ad business so it would be weird" for it to include ads; and Scroll will spin off the startup's media intelligence business.

Haile said his company sought to acquire Nuzzel to use it as a "test kitchen" for content creation and curation models.

"The simple goal is a sustainable open web where the goals of creators, curators and consumers are aligned around the best possible experience," said Haile.

Nuzzel is a news monitoring and research tool that aggregates users' news from their social feeds.

Haile formerly headed up analytics company Chartbeat. Scroll is also led by former executives from Spotify and Foursquare, and it partners with outlets like BuzzFeed, Vox and The Atlantic to show its subscribers ad-free news content.

Scroll did not disclose the financial agreements of the deal.