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How Lunya puts women first in its pleasure-positive campaign

Sleepwear company Lunya's OOH ad

Women’s sleepwear company Lunya is stepping beyond just being a comfortable garment provider and is telling women that they have the power to take control of their own pleasure in the bedroom.

The company, which states that its clothing is designed for women to feel “confidently comfortable in your most intimate space,” is taking on the subject of women’s pleasure with its ‘I come first’ campaign, which took a full-page ad out in The New York Times to make a statement. It features a woman’s torso in Lunya underwear with hands placed strategically near the waistline with the three words, “I come first” in the center.

In a blog post, Lunya company founder, Ashley Merrill, cited the rise of the #MeToo movement to get women more empowered to bring their relationship and sexual needs to the forefront. She cited an article in Psychology Today that stated that 75% of women don’t reach orgasm in sexual intercourse, along with other statistics that found women do not take charge of their pleasure in the bedroom, but that couples should be creating dialogue.

Merrill told The Drum: “I hope to bring the equity conversation home and give women and men a shot at pleasure in intimacy. I hope that women embrace an expectation of enjoyment in sex and in life and that it opens doors to more holistic conversations with women about sex.”

She went on to say that the print and out-of-home campaign is “less about sleepwear and more about seizing an opportunity to make you challenge assumptions, re-evaluate the status quo, and dream of a better future.”

The campaign kicked off with the full-page ad in the Sunday Style section of the Times. It will be echoed through a mural in Santa Monica, roughly 20 outdoor billboards in San Francisco, 20 in Brooklyn, and 55 in New York City. There will also be a series of LA-based events centered around “prioritizing yourself in your mind, body, and space”, and culminating Feb 12 with a production of My First Time by Tony Award-winning producer Ken Davenport, starring Ali Larter, Amy Smart, and others. All proceeds from the production will benefit Girls Inc LA.

Merrill stated to The Drum that she built Lunya “to be a catalyst for positive change with sleepwear designed to make women feel confidently comfortable at home. This issue unveiled itself, and given our purpose with our best-in-class sleepwear and our mission of creating opportunity for women and girls, it was something I couldn't ignore.”

She wants to keep Lunya at the forefront of this movement. “We view ourselves as part of the narrative of triumph that we hope to hand down to our children as an example of the equal potential and capability of both genders in the workplace,” said Merrill.

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