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Emergency Italy shines spotlight on those who strive for a ‘normal’ life

After last year’s success with ‘Jalal,’ the story of an illegal immigrant selling roses on the streets, Emergency, a humanitarian organisation founded to help civilian victims of war and poverty, is back with the best wishes for the new year.

For 2019, the spotlight is on Miriam, a girl like many others, with dreams like everyone else. We see a quick shot of her typing, then packing and getting on a plane as a voice over states that she is moving to a faraway place to start from scratch.

We follow her as she looks forward to a future with opportunities, friends, family and love – an aspiration to normality. Pan back to reality, with the voice over stating “this…is not my story,” and we see Miriam standing, dirty and alone in a foggy refugee camp, with a graphic that states, “We are all humans, but we are not the same.”

It finishes hoping for a “better 2019 for everyone.”

With the ‘Everyone Has A Dream’ video, created with Ogilvy Milan, Emergency wants everyone to think about the inequalities in our societies, hitting people according on their place of birth, color of skin or religion.

“We want people to meditate on the consequences prejudices may have on people’s lives," said Rossella Miccio, chairman of Emergency, "because the only way we can build a more open and welcoming society is looking at other people as human beings, just like us.”

Added Lavinia Francia, creative director at Ogilvy Milan: “We are proud to share this story and support Emergency’s commitment in overcoming all differences with a universal message, aiming to touch everyone’s emotions, speaking straight to their hearts.”

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