By Katie Deighton, Senior Reporter

February 4, 2019 | 2 min read

Advertisers and creatives could – and do – talk about the merits of Super Bowl ads all year round. But how does the work shape up to bar-hoppers more interested in the game and their beer?

To find out, The Drum camped out in Twist and Smash’d Sports in Queens’ Astoria to gauge which creative cut through the noise and the distraction to resonate with drinkers and sports fans.

To encourage patrons to watch the ads with the same attention they gave the game, we gave them a score sheet. Their participation was quite enthusiastic and, in some case, quite detailed.

Among the ads they voted for, the clear favorite was Mercedes’ 'Say the Word' ad for its A-Class car. T-Mobile’s many pithy ads tied for second place with Pepsi’s 'More Thanks OK' and Hyundai’s 'The Elevator'

Fans’ least-favorite ads were from Burger King and TurboTax. Although those two ads got more jeers than cheers, they at least earned an emotional response.

Several ads were high on the “meh” list, meaning that the bar patrons found them uninteresting. Topping the list of “meh” ads was Pizza Hut, followed closely by Avocados From Mexico, which also had an abundance of “jeers” votes.

Interestingly, rounding out the top three ads with the most “meh” votes was M&M’s, which also earned a decent share of “cheers” votes.

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