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Trench soldiers get lost in captain's eyes as PS4 Pro touts enhanced graphics

PS4 Pro touts Missed Details in the trenches

PlayStation has released the third ad in its 'Missed Details' campaign which looks to highlight the difference that the greater processing capabilities of its PS4 Pro makes in delivering cutting graphics clarity.

'Foxhole' is the final installment of a trio of videos by Tim Godsall of Anonymous Content (the first installment, – 'Armor', appeared in August last year and 'Vampire Hunter' in October) that look to subvert familiar game scenes with characters being bedazzled by the additional level of details. The earlier spot was reminiscent of a Monty Python and the Holy Grail sketch.

In 'Foxhole', entrenched soldiers are captivated with the colour of their captain's eyes. Even an enemy combatant gets drawn into the debate, all to highlight the greater processing power of the PS4 Pro.

The ad, from BBH New York, will appear on paid media from 4 February.

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