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Not TV ads, but billboards are the talk of America during Super Bowl

StrawberryFrog's Scott Goodson on the power of billboards ahead of Super Bowl 2019.

In the days leading up to the Super Bowl, the talk typically turns to the TV commercials that will run during the Big Game.

Yet, even before the first kick of Super Bowl LIII, the buzz is less on the TV spots and more on the innovative billboards cropping up along the coasts. The billboards are even dominating more airtime than the TV commercials uploaded ahead of the game (yes it has become customary to upload Super Bowl TVCs before the game).

The noise is being caused by the billboards that surround the Atlanta stadium where the game will take place.

The biggest rivalry in Atlanta on Super Bowl weekend has nothing to do with the football; it’s between Pepsi and Coca Cola. Pepsi has invaded Coca Cola's hometown with a series of humorous and eye catching boards around the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, where you will see a lot of blue. Pepsi blue. Not Coca Cola red.

Headlines like: "Look who's in town for Super Bowl." And "Pepsi in Atlanta, How Refreshing." These boards are capturing the town.

A select few other brands have billboards that are also capturing the attention of the national US media including SunTrust Bank's "Confidence Starts Here" billboards (below) and bus wraps across the city, which even made it onto Good Morning America.

Perhaps the most contentious billboards are the ones put up by the fans of the New Orlean's Saints around Atlanta, which talk directly to the NFL.

In the last playoff game before the Super Bowl, they were eliminated due to officials who failed to note and penalise a glaring case of pass interference in the climactic minutes. But we needn’t describe what happened.

Footage of has been replayed extensively. As a result, fans took to the streets to let their feelings be known with protest billboards containing provocative messages revealing cynicism that goes well beyond the crime in question.

Who would have thought billboards would be the talk of Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta?

While TV commercials traditionally make the headlines leading up to Super Bowl, this year it's all about the power of the Billboard. They're generating widespread conversations, smiles and buzz from sea to shiny sea.

Scott Goodson is the founder and chairman of StrawberryFrog.