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Olay spoofs slasher films with Sarah Michelle Gellar for Super Bowl spot

Olay isn’t a brand name many may have expected to be in the Super Bowl, but its first foray into the space features as much firepower as would be expected of the sports spotlight, with a slasher film spoof starring Buffy the Vampire Slayer, aka Sarah Michelle Gellar.

The P&G skincare brand teased the ad and promised an "unexpected and humorous" spot, bringing its 28-day skincare challenge and AI-powered Olay Skin Advisor platform to life on the small screen.

For what is perceived as a very male-focused event, the skincare brand says it wants to speak directly to the 45% of women who tune in to watch the Big Game. The brand has said the ad will be part of a multifaceted campaign that will run during the first quarter of the game.

In the 30-second spot, we see a masked killer outside a suburban home. As Gellar and a boyfriend character sit on the couch, the light flickers off and we see that the killer is in the house. The couple runs upstairs and locks themselves in a bedroom. He begs her to call someone, but she can’t open the phone with her face ID. She realizes it won’t recognize her face because she’s been using Olay, which she tells him has “totally transformed my skin.” She shows him a hideous picture of what she looked like 28 days previous, and he agrees how much better her skin looks. The would-be murderer then plops on the bed and tells Gellar how her skin glows and she should be a movie star.

The spot ends with the hashtag #KillerSkin.

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