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M&M’s Super Bowl spot features Christina Applegate and candy bars

M&M's Super Bowl ad with Christina Applegate

The M&M’s characters — Red, Yellow and Orange — are misbehaving backseat passengers in the 30-second spot for the candy brand airing during the Super Bowl game that promotes the new M&M’s Chocolate Bars. Christina Applegate plays the annoyed driver in a spot that marks the first time M&M’s has debuted a new product during a Super Bowl advertisement.

In the commercial, titled ‘Bad Passengers,’ created by BBDO New York, Applegate finds herself in a mini van dealing with squabbling passengers in the back seat that just won’t behave. Throughout the spot, her patience wears thin as the voices of the candy ‘kids’ are heard bickering and she threatens to break the passengers apart, or worse, eat them alive. But finally, it’s revealed that the bickering is coming from Red, Yellow and Orange, who are stuck together inside of a M&M’s Chocolate Bar. They opt, of course, to be broken apart rather than eaten.

“Our fans look forward to seeing our commercials, but they’ve never seen us like this. That’s because, this year, we made a decision to use entertainment’s biggest stage to debut one of the most notable innovations in our brand’s history,” said Allison Miazga-Bedrick, brand director of M&M’s. “The surprising reveal at the end of the ad showcases the colorful fun of our brand in its newest form: M&M’s stuck together in a creamy chocolate bar.”

Applegate’s involvement in the M&M’s commercial was announced with a teaser video last week, with the actress comically yelling at her locked car in frustration. The full 30-second spot will air during the first commercial break following the kickoff of the game.

The new line of M&M’s Chocolate Bars is now available in retail stores nationwide in five flavors including Peanut, Milk Chocolate, Crispy, Almond and Crispy Mint.

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