By John McCarthy | Media editor

January 29, 2019 | 2 min read

The Economist has operated a cheeky marketing stunt where it sent an ad van in circles around Westminster to epitomise the government’s stance on Brexit.

During the big Brexit vote (debating an extension on Article 50), ‘Tired of Going Round in Circles’ sent a digital ad van on a doomed cycle of laps around Parliament Square.

AMV BBDO delivered the stunt, which also directs viewers to the title’s coverage of Brexit with a listing of a URL. Furthermore, they are encouraged to text the publication in order to receive a free print issue – which will help build out its customer database.

It circled the famous square for 12 hours to acknowledge the lack of progress the nation has made in negotiating an exit from the European Union.

Mark Cripps, chief marketing officer at The Economist, said: "Today the eyes of the world will once again be on Parliament Square and so there is no better place to remind our globally curious audience that, whilst the government may take us round in circles, The Economist is a trusted filter to help prepare for and navigate exactly this kind of uncertainty.”

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