By Imogen Watson | Senior reporter

January 24, 2019 | 2 min read

The Royal Air Force (RAF) Benevolent Fund has released an evocative animation, produced by Arthur London, that remembers the brave servicemen and women who have served the UK.

Established at the end of the first world war, The RAF Benevolent Fund is invested in assisting those currently serving the force and its veterans with welfare support.

Demonstrating its significant history, the animation weaves the story of the RAF's past and present together. It opens with a heroic veteran in a moment of reflection as he gazes upon an old photograph.

The photograph of our veteran and his squadron incites a memory, and we are transported back in time to the terrifying days of service in the RAF during the second world war.

Invited into his distant memories, the animation illustrates those bygone years when Britain was at war, and we join our veteran as he sweeps across epic landscapes in a spitfire.

His memory is weaved into the present, and the animation then follows today's active servicemen and women of the RAF regiment fighting in combat abroad. Covering the RAF's history - past and present - brings home the vital place it has in protecting the UK, and the sacrifice its members have made.

The film was created by Art&Graft.

The Royal Air Force: Help Protect All Our Tomorrows by Arthur London

By The Royal Air Force

Overall Rating 5/5

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