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Boots and Suzuki first advertisers for Channel 4's 'Dynamic TV' ad targeting tool

Boots Dynamic TV ad points to nearby store

Channel 4 has bolstered its ad suite with the launch of Dynamic TV, which harnesses user data to deliver personalised video ads combining creative campaigns with calls to action.

Channel 4 has boasted that it's Europe's most sophisticated VoD ad targeting product. Boots and Suzuki are among the first brands to try out the service, with Boot's creative (pictured above) directing viewers to their nearest store.

The broadcaster said it enables "potentially thousands of variations of data-driven creative" for viewers on Smart TV, mobile and desktop.

Partner brands can access first-party data from Channel 4 to tinker or serve ads based on location, weather, time of day, date and demographics. The broadcaster says it has 18 million Brits in the system.

David Amodio, digital and creative leader, 4Sales said: “Dynamic TV is undoubtedly one of the most exciting ad products we’ve been able to launch at Channel 4.

"We’ve seen an increased demand from clients and agency partners for big screen inventory and the fact that we’re now able to deliver data-informed creative across these platforms adds a layer of relevance that’s previously been restricted to desktop and mobile platforms. It’s no surprise that we’re already seeing a huge demand for this product and we look forward to seeing how the product performs”.

Boots' has used it this month for a campaign directing ABC1 women to nearby stores to purchase its No 7 Line Correcting Booster Serum.

Suzuki's campaign will follow in February, raising awareness of nearby dealerships as part of its Swift brand campaign.

Video technology firm Innovid delivered the product, it has helped Channel 4 deliver numerous innovations in the space.

Tal Chalozin, chief tech officer and co-founder of Innovid, added: “Advertisers can now personalise TV ads bringing more relevancy to viewers. Being able to find a local store, car dealership or receive more targeted ads provides increased value to the viewer and is a much better experience than traditional commercial breaks. In the US, we’re seeing much higher performance on these types of ads across all screens and are excited to bring this opportunity to the UK market.”

The product has been added to 4Sales’ video ad offering which includes Audio Ad 4 You, Ad 4 You, Ad Pause, Ad Bloom, Ad Elect, Ad Extend, Ad Link, Ad Shop and Ad Journey.

The broadcaster is looking to court major advertisers with its new products. In particular, it is on the hunt for diversity and purpose-driven brands. Its own research claims that 60% of younger people want to see ‘purpose-driven’ ads.

It comes as the broadcaster's dispute with ad agency Publicis Media continues over ad rates. 2019 planning talks between the pair broke down in December, after Publicis took issue with Channel 4 upping ad prices despite a decline in audiences.

The Guardian had placed the potential loss of the 'blackout' to Channel 4 at £210m, although a source with knowledge of the matter told The Drum the number was significantly lower.

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