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Don't be afraid to express your feelings, UniCornetto tells shy Indonesian teenagers

UniCornetto has created a short film to encourages teenagers in Indonesia to be less anxious when confessing their feelings.

The six-minute long film, which is called ‘‘90 Days of Hiding My Feelings' and produced by Viddsee, is part of the Unilever-owned brand’s ‘Don’t Try Too Hard’ campaign.

It focuses on two teenagers who have a budding relationship in college but are anxious about confessing their feelings to each other. They then connect over ice-cream.

According to research by UniCornetto, perfectionism, and fear of failure among teenagers from the ages of 13-21 in Indonesia are on the rise.

“By working with Viddsee, we were able to create fun and enjoyable content that is true to the insights from our target consumers regarding their journey to love,” said Pantira Chotchaisathit, the regional brand development manager for Cornetto South East Asia and Australasia at Unilever.

“And using the insights gained from our research arm and AI-driven technology, we created multiple precision marketing assets from a single piece of content that not only drove engagement, views, and efficiently landed the message, but also gave us a deeper understanding of how Indonesian teens are consuming content.”

This campaign marks Viddsee’s first work in Indonesia and the film was created in Singapore and executed in Indonesia with a team led by Viddsee’s creative producer Adhyatmika (Indonesians usually go by their first name and do not use a family, last or surname name.)

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