Jamie Oliver defends ‘hypocritical’ Shell partnership following green criticism

Jamie Oliver has launched a spirited defence of his roadside tie-up with oil major Shell, insisting that the collaboration was necessary to bring healthy eating to motorists.

The food campaigner has launched a new range of 80 healthy eating deli options as part of a new food-to-go range which promises hassle-free eating for customers at 500 Shell service stations from the end of the month.

Not everyone has been impressed by the £5m initiative with environmental groups claiming that Oliver’s endorsement runs counter to his role as a UN environmental campaigner.

Addressing these issues Oliver said: “I think I’ve earned trust over the last 20 years and I would hope that people think I’ve thought about it correctly. I can stick up for what’s in the stores and where it’s come from.

“My job’s to work for the British public and push Shell to be the best that we can be and also to disrupt the market.”

Shell is in process of refreshing its UK food offer with an average of 69% more fruit and vegetables, with the potential to roll the range out internationally if successful.

Oliver once served as brand ambassador to Sainsbury’s before defecting to rival Tesco in September last year.