Hiscox stages 'real world' cyber attack on Shoreditch Brompton bike shop

The bike manufacturer Brompton has collaborated with global insurer, Hiscox, to demonstrate what a cyber attack would look like in the real world.

The intention of cyber hack simulation is to highlight the concern that one in three of small UK businesses have suffered from a cyber breach.

To stimulate the 'real world' hack, they constructed a complete clone of Brompton Junction's bike shop. Much to the bewilderment of its staff, the clone store called '3R0MPTON Junction' emerged overnight in the shop space across the road.

Other than the slight difference to the spelling, the store was an exact copy of the original shop. Stocked with counterfeit merchandise, it even had look-a-like staff, who bore a striking resemblance to employees across the road.

After the fake store opened its doors to the public, a series of cyber attack simulations subsequently played out, bringing to life a number of common hacking techniques.

Ransomware - malicious software that threatens to publish its victim's data or block access unless a ransom is paid - was acted out by boarding up the real store. The hack then displayed a ransom note demanding Bitcoin in exchange for re-entry.

Phishing - the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information by disguising as a trustworthy entity - was demonstrated when genuine stock deliveries were diverted to the fake ‘3rompton’ store.

The final attack against Brompton's real store simulated a denial-of service (DDoS) attack, where the fake store was flooded with imitation customers.

The reactions of its staff and passers-by were caught on film as the events unfolded. AMV BBDO is the creative agency behind the initiative.

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