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Primesight removes rogue OHH ads from guerilla group mocking politicians' tweets

A guerilla group called ‘Led By Donkeys’ has been flyposting billboards with blown-up tweets that politicians have posted.

However, out-of-home (OOH) network, Primesight, which owns the billboards first targeted by the group has confirmed to The Drum that it was not aware of the ad until it emerged, and it has since removed them.

It declined to comment further.

According to the group’s Twitter account, the aim of the Black Mirror-esque scheme, which is running with the hashtag #TweetsYouCantDelete, is to highjack billboards “to record for posterity the prophetic words of our leaders.”

Since the ‘Led By Donkeys’ group began on Wednesday (January 9) it has targeted one billboard per day with threats to post in a leave-voting town next. The elusive group has asked its Twitter followers to suggest tweets and locations it will target next. Ex-Prime Minister, David Cameron, was the group's first target. The group unearthed a tweet from way back in 2015 when Cameron was fighting against Ed Miliband for his second term. It was the same election that Cameron offered a referendum on Britain staying in the European Union.

After the first billboard emerged, 'Led By Donkeys' Twitter followers suggested potential tweets to broadcast on the next stint. The following day, a billboard targeting the former secretary of state for exiting the European Union, David Davis emerged on Station Parade.

Flyposting OOH ads is starting to become a favourite form of trolling for anarchist groups. Back in November of last year, Clear Channel removed a number of OOH ads that had been flyposted illegally in London by a group of activists who claim to be Russian GRU agents.