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Moving toward a sustainable future: The innovation and transformation of the food industry

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German supermarket Penny creates Arcadian metropolis where people live in pumpkins

The German discount supermarket, Penny, has created an idyllic city, where humans and plants live in harmony to promote the nutritional benefits of its 'Naturgut' range.

The 'Naturally for everyone' campaign, which stars Nena — one of Germany's most successful music artists — intends to raise awareness of the topic of natural nutrition through a showstopping performance.

Produced by Tony Petersen Film, 'Organic For All' is set in an eco-metropolis, where people harvest carrots from ceilings, roses grow out of potholes and the fire department uses its hose to water tomato plants...rather than putting out disastrous fires.

The ad opens with Nena onboard a train shuttling towards a city that is literally springing to life. As she steps out into the 'Stadtmitte' (city centre), a swarm of butterflies disperse, eager to drink nectar from the Arcadian streets.

In this world, the concrete jungle has become a nutritionists' paradise, where plants and humans live as one.

Nena joins the throng of people on the fertile street, and as one they harmoniously sing "It's a fine life" as they strive towards a sustainable, healthy future.

The heart of the campaign was developed by Serviceplan Campaign.

Penny's chief operating officer, Stefan Magel said: "Today it is no longer enough to just offer low prices. Our customers expect us, as a discount store, to offer modern product ranges and natural foods as far as possible. With our own brand Naturgut, we have therefore created an umbrella under which we summarise current nutrition trends.

With the new campaign, we want to make Naturgut even more present. In Nena, we have now found an authentic ambassador with whom we share a broad basis of values. We put a lot of heart and soul into the elaborate and multi-media campaign."

Christoph Everke, creative managing director of Serviceplan Campaign said: "The scenes are accompanied by music from the programmatically titled song 'It's a fine day', which was impressively transformed into a contemporary arrangement with symphony orchestra and choirs. The focus is on Nena, who herself becomes part of the movement."

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