Nat Geo downgrades website to dial up era to promote tech boom drama

Nat Geo downgrades website to dial up era to promote tech boom drama

The National Geographic website has been given a retro 90s make-under reminiscent of the early days of the internet to promote new drama 'Valley of the Boom.'

'Valley of the Boom' is an upcoming docudrama produced by the National Geographic, which centres on the 1990's tech boom and bust in Silicon Valley.

As with its hybrid series Mars, Nat Geo will use select documentary elements to support the scripted drama, in order to tell the true inside story of the dramatic early days of Silicon Valley.

In advance of the series premiere this Sunday, today (10 January) the US National Geographic website has turned back the clock to the 90s, so you can reminisce over the old aesthetic, without worrying about a phone call cutting it off, or having to endure the weird crackling sound of dial-up internet.

Along with the website takeover, Nat Geo has released some reimagined90s-esque logos for its original shows.

'Valley of the Boom' is part of the channel's vision to produce "fewer, bigger, bolder, more creatively ambitious shows."

Back in 2017, the venerable travel and adventure publisher took a leaf out of the HBO, Netflix and Amazon playbook, when it produced 'Genius' - a tv series that delved into the personalities and private lives of famed scientists and engineers.

Click here to go to the website takeover (US only).

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