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By Kyle O'Brien, Creative Works Editor

January 8, 2019 | 2 min read

With a global push for recycling afoot, BMW is getting into the trend, but the automaker is doing so with creative rather than materials.

BMW is recycling several of its older commercials to demonstrate how certified pre-owned BMW vehicles run like new, with a wink to the consumer. The used creative, TV spots, radio ads, billboards and digital banners that were originally used to advertise the vehicles when new, are now being re-employed to sell the same vehicles now that they are certified pre-owned.

The idea was developed by BMW’s lead creative agency, GS&P and to create the campaign, the team went through years of BMW commercials from other agencies in the US and globally, going back to 2013, since five years is the oldest BMW Certified vehicle people can buy.

The only thing that’s new is the branding of their pre-owned program, which has been renamed BMW Certified, with the tagline ‘Like New Again.’ Each spot also gets a new voiceover by Chris Pine, who comments on the age of the spot or even how great his younger self sounds. In ‘Handyman’ he restates the premise, that a guy pulls over to impress his girlfriend by ‘fixing’ a problem that doesn’t exist. They knowing Pine states that the guy is fibbing to the woman because the pre-owned car comes certified, so everything’s been checked.

Two versions of ‘Special Delivery’ were done – where a woman backs quickly into a driveway and dumps her seemingly now ex-boyfriend’s stuff. The first one states why the company is rehashing the creative now that the 2015 X1 is certified pre-owned. In the second, which presumably will run back-to-back with the other, says that “we saved so much money recycling this ad we can run it as much as we like, just like the money you’ll save on a certified BMW.”

See the spots by clicking on the Creative Works box below.

BMW: advert-body-2 by Goodby Silverstein & Partners


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