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ITV Creative unveils first of 52 new weekly TV idents in brand refresh

Late in December 2018, ITV documented a bold ambition to breathe new life into the brand by enlisting 52 artists to create a unique set of idents each week in 2019. The first of these idents is now on air.

Artistic director, curator and consultant Charlie Levine was tasked by ITV Creative with sourcing the talent that will deliver the work, briefed with scouting out artists from a diverse range of backgrounds and disciplines. It worked with London based design agency DBLG to create the new on-screen presentation.

First from the ITV Creates campaign is an ident from Ravi Deepres, an award-winning artist, photographer and filmmaker (featured above).

ITV Creative's executive creative director, Tony Pipes, told The Drum: "When we started the project we wanted to change the way TV idents behave. For years a set of a dozen or so films has been the staple delivery of TV identity, even in the digital age, with the content sometimes staying on air for a decade or more. We had the opportunity to use the space in a different way, to not only constantly keep the channel fresh for a viewer but to also give a platform to some of Britain’s best artistic talent.

“As an organisation we make our bread through creativity and with that collaborate and open our doors to creative talent all the time – writers, producers, actors, so opening our door to artists felt like a great way to express this through our branding.

"Here we have broken convention, delivering a constantly changing, stream of endless creativity. Surprising, entertaining and challenging our viewers."

Pipes explained that after the artist has been commissioned, ITV Creative films the piece being created for a day – capturing the preparation and making of the art as well as the final piece. "We then cut this into a set of at least five idents that last a week on air," he added. "So, that’s 52 shoots, 52 artists and at least 260 individual films."

Sutapa Biswas, James Brunt, Patricia Volk, Mark Titchner, Katrina Russell Adams, Kristina Veasey and James Alec Hardy complete the first eight artists lined up to deliver ident creative. You can get a taster of what is to come below.

One month of the year will be committed to highlighting work from up-and-coming students.

On the need for the new look, ITV director of viewer marketing, Paul Risdale, said: "Our current channel idents have been running for almost six years and while they have served us well, 2019 felt like the right moment for a change.

"We think this new approach is fresh, distinctive and brings to life the energy and creativity at the heart of ITV. But above all else, we simply hope that viewers will enjoy this ever-changing look as they tune-in for their favourite programmes each week.”

Channel 4 and BBC Two both issued rebrands on the same day late last year. Both were met with approval from industry experts.

Below ITV explains the ins and outs of its new creative scheme.

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