HSBC continues its 'Together We Thrive' pledge with 'We are not an island' campaign

We Are Not An Island

A year on from introducing it's 'Together We Thrive' brand promise and 'Global Citizen' TV campaign, Britain's biggest bank, HSBC, continues to demonstrate its view on the Brexit trade deal by sharing its internationalist vision.

'Together We Thrive' was launched ahead of Britain's departure from the European Union (EU). The TV campaign 'Global Citizen' starred The IT Crowd's Richard Ayoade, who revelled in the influence that countries such as India, Colombia, Denmark, Germany and Taiwan have had on life in Blighty.

As the UK faces a deal or no-deal Brexit, HSBC has launched 'We Are Not An Island,' which once again celebrates elements of British life that are indebted to the nation's connections to the wider world - no matter what side of the political divide.

Given Britain's banking system has been politically leveraged in the Brexit battle to demonstrate the UK's upper-hand over other EU countries, the opinion of big banks like HSBC is of utmost interest.

Since the shock Brexit referendum in June 2016, HSBC has been threatening to leave the UK 'indefinitely' or else threatening to move considerable business off-shore. Such realities make HSBC's campaign all the more poignant.

Created by HSBC's ad agency, J. Walter Thompson, the work is in response to the atmosphere felt by businesses and individuals, and it wishes its audience to look beyond Brexit, to remind them that as global citizens, we are part of something bigger.

The bank has released a number of copy-led print executions, which champion cities across the UK. The creatives state rallying cries which demonstrate that each city has international ties that help them to thrive.

Printed across the banks logo, Manchester's creative reads: "You taught the world how to split the atom, make a chip barm and not look back in anger. You are Manchester. Red and blue at the weekends but supporting every colour in pride.

"Because you're not an island, you're a hive that's part of something far, far bigger."

Media will be handled by PHD, with OOH and press running nationally until March, with local executions in Leeds, Manchester, London and Birmingham.

The 'Global Citizen' spot will be back on TV in January.

Sarah Mayall, head of campaigns, sponsorship and social media for HSBC UK said: "We believe that the people, communities and businesses in the UK thrive most when connected and open. Our Global Citizen campaign is central to this, and with 'We Are Not An Island' we are reinforcing our strong belief that we are part of something so much bigger."

Mike Watson, creative director at JWT London said: "At a time when opinions in the UK have never been more polarised, our campaign aims to walk the middle ground by simply highlighting that many of the things that make us quintessentially British are the things that make us inescapably international. And who better to point that our that the bank that's been connecting the world through trade for over 152 years."

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