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Dollar Shave Club takes over Times Square with diverse group of billboard stars

Dollar Shave Club billboards in Times Square

New York’s Times Square featured more than a ball drop on New Year’s Eve. It also featured dropped trousers, a drag queen, a man in a turban and a hairy guy in his skivvies, thanks to men’s grooming brand Dollar Shave Club.

The nine billboards are a continuation of Dollar Shave Club’s efforts to go beyond just razors and promote a whole line of products, including cologne, beard oil, shampoo, hair products and toothpaste.

One features an older man in his underwear, peering down his briefs with the tag line, “Dollar Cologne for spraying on your neck, wrists, clothes or even your junkyard Club.”

The one with the man in a turban states “Dollar Beard Oil because for some people, beards are a religion Club.”

Aron Fried, senior creative director at Dollar Shave Club, stated in a LinkedIn post: “Our nine awesome Dollar Shave Club billboards are up in Times Square! And just in time for the ball to drop. Yes, contrary to the name 'Dollar Shave Club,' we do in fact sell way more than just razors. Anyway, try n keep an eye out for 'em on the NYE show tonight! Happy New Year everyone!! Wishing you all a transcendent year filled with an abundance of happiness, health, success (both personal and career oriented), meaning and purpose! hashtag#DollarShaveClub hashtag#NewYears hashtag#TimesSquare.”

Matt Knapp, executive creative director, vice president of creative for the brand told The Drum: "There aren’t many opportunities that offer the impact of a billboard takeover in Times Square. In true DSC style, we decided to break the rules of outdoor advertising and go beyond the six-word headline. This allows us to highlight our broad range of products through our diverse characters, bringing to life some authentic and eyebrow-raising grooming routines in the process."

While most social media reaction has been positive, the one with the hairy man that states “Dollar Shower Products for every nook and cranny even those you haven’t seen since the high school glory days Club,” was derided by some as fat shaming.

See pictures of the billboards by clicking on the Creative Works box below.

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