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By Ginger Conlon, US Editor

December 28, 2018 | 2 min read

Apple’s ‘Color Flood’ video promotes the Liquid Retina display on the iPhone XR. It feels like a blend of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and Blade Runner — on the edge of both cheery and ominous.

The video opens with views of an empty town and a lone dog trotting across a pathway, pausing to look to one side. The camera then catches people clad in colored jumpsuits streaming out of doorways and passageways, running, some doing flips and jumps down stairs and over low walls as they move through the town.

As the camera pans through more of the town, more and more people wearing jumpsuits of more and more shades of more and more colors join in. The action is set to Cosmo Sheldrake's ‘Come Along.’

One clever touch caught by MacRumors: just before a group of purple-clad runners sprints from the back of a van, there’s a quick view of its license plate, which reads‘I-XR0941’ — a reference to the iPhone XR the ad is promoting, as well as the 9:41 AM time that Apple uses in all its stock iPhone imagery.

As the video nears the end, a town square fills with a rainbow of runners, creating streams of colors flowing in various directions. The ad comes to a close with the tagline, ‘Make Room for Color’ showing across the sea of people and then on an iPhone XR screen.

It ends with views of the phone screen flashing through the same rainbow of colors, with ‘Liquid Retina color’ emblazoned across the video screen. As the music crescendos, the screen goes black except for ‘iPhone RX’ knocked out in white across it and then wraps with the Apple logo.

Last month Apple launched an ad to promote its Group FaceTime that starred several lonesome Elvis impersonators using the feature to sing together from across the world.

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