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Kevin Spacey returns to Frank Underwood role to address sexual misconduct accusations

Double Oscar winning actor Kevin Spacey has controversially returned to Twitter as his House of Cards character to indirectly address accusations of sexual misconduct made against him over the last year.

In his first tweet since October 30 2017 when he released a statement to apologize to actor Anthony Rapp who accused him of attempting to seduce him while underage, Spacey once again took up the role of President Francis Underwood, which was killed off from in the final series on Netflix earlier this year.

The video was posted on the same day (24 December) that Spacey was charged with sexually assaulting a teenager in Massachusetts. He will appear in court over the incident on 7 January.

In the video, 'Let’s Me Be Frank', posted to YouTube, Spacey riffed on the misdeeds of Underwood, implying that the character’s offscreen death was ‘unsatisfying’ and attempted to parallel the accusations he had personally faced, stating that he had been found guilty without trial.

The video, which was subsequently then sent to his 4.5 million followers on Twitter has heavily divided viewers as a result with some cheering his return as the character while others have claimed it to be in poor taste and disrespectful to those who have accused him of misconduct.

Following the allegations being made, the final series of House of Cards was instead led by his co-star Robin Wright with Underwood being killed between the last two series taking place.

Following the accusations that emerged last year, Spacey was also hurriedly removed from the Ridley Scott movie, All the Money in the World, and replaced by Christopher Plummer who would go on to receive an Academy Awards nomination for the role of billionaire John Paul Getty