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Compare the Market introduces AutoSergei – a robotic re-imaginging of its top mascot

There's a new, high-tech meerkat in town, with Compare the Market set to introduce viewers to AutoSergei on Boxing Day (26 December).

To promote the launch of automated deal-checking tool EnergyCheck – which offers regular checks and monthly alerts to ensure customers are on a competitive energy tariff – the aggregator has unveiled a robotic re-imaginging of one of its best loved mascots and head of IT, Sergei.

We're introduced to AutoSergei via an Apple-esque keynote conference., where head meerkat Aleksandr explains: "AutoSergei is just like real Sergei but without the fleas."

The audience cheers as AutoSergei appears on a giant screen behind Aleksandr, speaking in a robotic voice.

The spot, created by VCCP Blue, will air on TV in key on Boxing Day during Coronation Street at 7.45pm and James Bond: Quantum of Solace at 9.40pm.

Earlier in 2018, Compare the Market canned its long-lasting meerkat toy promotion to focus on its Meerkat Movies drive. The price comparison website has had success offering free mascots to new customers as a means of driving footfall and retention, but after seven years it chose to retire the scheme.

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