Virgin Media composes Usain Bolt's theme tune as 'Switch to Super' series continues

Virgin Media is yet again visualising the speed of its broadband through the world's fastest man, Usain Bolt, in the third chapter of its 'Switch to Super' campaign.

In previous chapters, 'SuperBolt' has appeared animated in a high-octane rescue mission, and on the hunt for a superhero suit. This time, we see the composition of SuperBolt's theme tune.

The ad humorously dramatises what it’s like to switch to Virgin Media’s broadband and features SuperBolt running on a treadmill as a 50-piece orchestra begin to craft his superhero anthem.

As he picks up pace, the Olympic champion becomes frustrated that the theme tune is not fast enough for him and he wills the musicians to play faster and faster until they blow out of steam.

The interaction between SuperBolt and the conductor brings an amusing edge to the film.

The 'Switch to Super' series was created by BBH London, and will run for 13 weeks across TV, VoD, outdoor, press and social.

Sharon Hegarty, director of brand and marketing at Virgin Media, said: "'Don’t let anything slow you down' was the premise on which to build the next stage of our SuperBolt brand campaign. This execution perfectly portrays the super speed and super entertainment we offer our customers."

Adam Noel, creative director at BBH London, added: “The next chapter of the Virgin Media SuperBolt campaign allowed us to better define the tone. We played with Bolt’s self-awareness and introduced an unexpected character to Superbolt’s myth-creation.

"The result was a story that’s just as beautiful as it is absurd... at least that’s what we were going for.”

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