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Live action mashes up with anime in Crunchyroll campaign

Crunchyroll, a destination for anime and manga fans, is blending anime and live action content in a vibrant campaign to promote the site.

With 45 million registered users and 2 million subscribers, 360-degree content experiences and the number nine streaming video on demand (SVOD) site globally, Crunchyroll is appealing to its fanbase by enlisting star animators to bring its vision to life.

People who love anime are passionate about the artform. Whether it's cosplaying at conventions, creating fan art, or allowing it to inspire friendships, the magic of anime happens when its fans apply themes to their lives, never shying away from who they are and what makes them special.

LA agency Omelet's mission was to create a brand campaign that created a love letter to Crunchyroll's anime community – a welcoming, inclusive corner of the internet that celebrates fans for being perfect just the way they are.

The centerpiece of the campaign is a long-form film, a mix of live action and anime to highlight how the confidence inspired by anime manifests in daily life. The agency worked with some legendary animators in the anime community, such as Kou Yoshinari, Rapparu, Mai Yoneyama, and others.

The campaign also includes various cutdowns made for broadcast, as well as online display, social ads, and a digital engagement platform called Crunchy Mix, which draws inspiration from the mix tape, and allows fans to create tailor made watch lists to share on their profiles or individually with their friends.

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