Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Sky and Cassetteboy settle the age-old festive debate

Christmas raises some big questions every year: sprouts or no sprouts? Real tree or fake? Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

It's an age-old festive debate that's divided households since 1988, but Sky Cinema is looking to settle the matter with a remix from video mash-up duo, Cassetteboy.

The same creatives behind those viral BBC Apprentice and David Cameron remixes have produced a spot that retells the 12 Days of Christmas via scenes from Bruce Willis' big budget action series.

The campaign is designed to promote Die Hard landing exclusively on Sky Cinema from 1 December. Along with creative agency Taylor Herring, the broadcaster has even launched a people's vote to draw a conclusion to the great debate.

Dispute over Die Hard's Christmas authenticity has raged on for years; film writer Steven E de Souza has confirmed its Christmas roots, while Willis has denied it festive status.

Empire magazine and Forbes have both given Die Hard the accolade of 'greatest Christmas movie ever', with the thriller beating off competition from It’s a Wonderful Life, Home Alone, The Muppet Christmas Carol, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Trading Places.

Ian Lewis, Director of Sky Cinema said: “I don’t know why we even debate this every year. Die Hard is the biggest Christmas movie of all time. The proof is all in the script.”

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