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White Ops releases PSA asking viewers to protect their computers against ad fraud

White Ops releases PSA on ad fraud

White Ops is educating audiences on personal computer security in a public service announcement (PSA) following the dismantling of a massive online fraud operation.

The PSA was released today (December 12) following last month's takedown of 3ve (pronounced 'Eve'), an online ad fraud enterprise that ran on 1.7m malware-infected computers at a single point in time.

White Ops, the FBI and Google created an industry-wide alliance, which included Adobe, Amazon Advertising and Facebook among others, to dismantle and eventually arrest the three individuals associated with 3ve.

Michael Tiffany, president and co-founder of White Ops, said 3ve became one of the largest ad fraud operations ever seen.

"While 3ve may have been the biggest ad fraud operation to face consequences so far, it won’t be the last. The good news is that everyone can play a role in helping to prevent – or at least slow – the emergence of the next bot fraud of this magnitude, or larger," said Tiffany.

The PSA explains the ad fraud 3ve committed, and ends by directing viewers to a US Department of Homeland Security website that includes tips on how to "inoculate" their devices.

"We created this PSA to connect with and educate everyday consumers that are not aware of the threat of botnets at all, let alone botnets doing ad fraud,” said Jon Bond, founder of ad firm Kirshenbaum & Bond, an advisor and board member of White Ops who assisted in the creation and execution of the PSA. “This takedown sends a global message that this kind of victimization won’t stand."

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