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Seasonal marketing: 6 steps to successful strategies in 2019

Seasonal marketing: 6 steps to successful strategies in 2019

Over £7bn was spent online in the UK across Black Friday weekend. That's a whopping £3.2bn more than 2017. Double the amount of adults took part this year - 62% (up from 36% in 2017). What started as a one-day event in the U.S has turned into a global phenomenon and one of the biggest weekends in any retail brand’s calendar.

With the dust settled and deals wrapped up… it's time to find out who dominated Black Friday this year. Was it retailers? Publishers? Affiliates?

In our latest Drum webinar, Jon Earnshaw, CTO at Pi Datametrics and Alina Ghost, SEO manager at luxury goods brand, Amara review the steps brands need to take to create a successful seasonal strategy in 2019. Not just for Black Friday, but for any period that requires intense engagement. Events that come around year after year like Singles Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day and even Mother's and Father's Day - and can have a huge impact on footfall and sales.

"Black Friday isn't just about product selling, but about brand awareness as well," says Ghost. "It's about getting your brand out there, getting the awareness for the product and name. It's not just about the returns afterward."

Listen in to discover:

  • The top performers from Black Friday 2019 (interesting fact - Amazon doesn't come 1st or 2nd)
  • The strategies behind these campaigns and why they worked
  • 6 steps to success and considerations on how maximise seasonal events in 2019

Our two experts will also give a snapshot of the biggest search trends from Black Friday. Pi Datametrics have analysed 1516 search terms and 3415 websites to discover where the organic value lies, who had the greatest share of voice, and who is likely to create the biggest share of revenue as a result. The brand at the top of the list, really isn't what you would expect.

Sign up below to find out about the brands that could do more, and those that are struggling with legacy issues and internal conflicts. And why niche brands are doing better than the huge corporations - and what the impact this is having on their growth at both ends of the spectrum. Earnshaw and Ghost also reveal the biggest purchasing trends and what promotions people are searching for the most.

Our experts also discuss the degree of backlash the spending extravaganza has received, the emergence of alternatives like Make Something Week from Greenpeace as a reaction to the mass consumerism we see from Black Friday, and why brands need to take sustainability seriously.

"We are seeing people lean more towards experience gifts over product gifts," said Earnshaw. "If you've gone out and spent £200 on something you know is going to end up in the bin in 12 months… How much better are you likely to feel post-purchase, if you've bought something sustainable?"

Listen to the webinar here to learn more about strategies for seasonal success in 2019.

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