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DirecTV encourages cable cutting with Alexa skill

For all the potential cable cutters who have been discouraged by the runaround they get from their cable companies when they try to cut the cord, DirecTV has come up with an easy, voice-activated alternative – the DirecTV Cable Cutter skill for Amazon Alexa.

According to the Q1 2018 Nielsen Total Audience Report, American adults spend about 20% of their day watching TV, but satisfaction for cable is coming close to an all-time low.

Endless phone trees, long wait times and offers to try to retain your subscription stop many people from even trying to quit cable, and many feel it is a massive undertaking that isn’t worth the time.

To address this challenge and make the cable quitting process easier, DirecTV is working with Omnicom-owned digital marketing agency Organic in partnership with North Kingdom, BBDO and Hearts & Science to launch the Cable Cutter skill.

With the power of Alexa, consumers can now easily get a direct connection to a human phone representative, skipping all the automated phone trees that make canceling cable next to impossible. Alexa even offers a meditation to prepare for the call and gives people tips on how to say “no” to a sales pitch in a variety of languages.

To support the launch of the skill, bespoke paid media assets for Facebook and Instagram have been developed to build awareness and encourage downloads of the skill.

The team has also developed videos to help people understand the skill and the process, including one showing a woman acting out the script with Alexa, down to the cross-legged meditation.

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