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14 - 18 June

Are influencers the new source of creativity?

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global head of sales

Irn Bru teases long-awaited sequel to its infamous Snowman parody

Irn Bru has teased a sequel to its Snowman ad on Twitter, marking the first new adventure for the brands ‘wee ginger lad’ and his frozen friend since 2007.

Airing this Saturday from 20:00 on STV and Facebook the campaign picks up where the first left off with a boy-shaped imprint in a snow-laden George Square where the Snowman dropped his charge to fly off with his drink.

Created by The Leith Agency the campaign latched onto widespread public affection for the original Snowman which has become a festive Television staple.

Other brands to latch onto the emotional animation include Nationwide which supported The Snowman and the Snowdog official sequel back in 2012.